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About Me

I am a PhD student at Berkeley AI Research (BAIR), advised by Jitendra Malik and Alexei Efros. (Not to be confused with the robot TORU.)

Previously, I obtained my BSc and MEng from MIT EECS, under the supervision of Phillip Isola. During my undergraduate years at MIT, I was also fortunately advised by Jiajun Wu and Antonio Torralba. Before transferring to MIT, I was an undergraduate student at The University of Tokyo. I spent the past summers interning at DeepMind, Facebook, and Google.

I am currently building real-world robot systems that can achieve dexterous low-level skills through end-to-end learning.

Research Interests

I work on applying end-to-end learning methods to enable low-level dexterous manipulation skills on real robots, leveraging data from both the real world and simulators.

Learning Methods reinforcement learning, imitation learning, sim-to-real, generative models

Hardware Systems bimanual arms with dexterous hands, humanoids


Learning Visuotactile Skills with Two Multifingered Hands
Toru Lin, Yu Zhang*, Qiyang Li*, Haozhi Qi*, Brent Yi, Sergey Levine, and Jitendra Malik.
arXiv 2024.

Twisting Lids Off with Two Hands
Toru Lin*, Zhao-Heng Yin*, Haozhi Qi, Pieter Abbeel, and Jitendra Malik.
arXiv 2024.

MIMEx: Intrinsic Rewards from Masked Input Modeling
Toru Lin and Allan Jabri.
NeurIPS 2023.

Learning to Ground Multi-Agent Communication with Autoencoders
Toru Lin, Minyoung Huh, and Phillip Isola.
NeurIPS 2021.

Geometry-Aware Modeling of Rigid Body Physics
Toru Lin*, Kexin Yi*, and Phillip Isola.
ICML 2020, Workshop on Object-Oriented Learning.

Visual Grounding of Learned Physical Models
Yunzhu Li, Toru Lin*, Kexin Yi*, Daniel Bear, Daniel LK Yamins, Jiajun Wu, Joshua B Tenenbaum, and Antonio Torralba.
ICML 2020.

Model-Based Planning with Energy-Based Models
Yilun Du, Toru Lin, and Igor Mordatch.
CoRL 2019.


I served as a teaching / lab assistant for the following courses.

MIT 6.819/6.869 Advances in Computer Vision (Spring 2021)
MIT 6.036 Introduction to Machine Learning (Fall 2019)
MIT 6.863/9.611 Natural Language Processing (Spring 2018)


I speak English, Japanese, Mandarin, Cantonese and Singlish natively.
Outside of research, I enjoy reading philosophy, learning physics, and making art.

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